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How to wear breast reconstruction bras

How to wear a bra correctly after breast surgery?
With the increasing number of breast disease patients, the number of breast surgeries has also significantly increased. Due to the rich vascular and lymphatic network in the breast, for the residual breast tissue after breast tumor resection, in order to maintain the appearance of the breast, it is usually not fully sutured. Therefore, surgical trauma can easily lead to complications such as lymphedema, local swelling, and subcutaneous fluid accumulation after breast mass resection. Subcutaneous fluid accumulation is the most common complication after breast mass resection, with an incidence rate of 20% to 40%. During surgery, lymphatic vessels are damaged, causing a large amount of lymphatic fluid to seep out, along with tissue fluid, blood exudation, and necrotic liquefied adipose tissue from the wound, forming subcutaneous fluid accumulation. This can affect wound healing, cause swelling, pain, and poor mobility on the affected side.
So after breast surgery, doctors will place drainage tubes near the wound and apply pressure bandages or bras to the wound surface, which can greatly reduce the incidence of subcutaneous fluid accumulation. For patients, wearing the bra correctly can create pressure on the wound and reduce subcutaneous fluid accumulation. Especially for patients with breast cancer reconstruction after surgery, wearing a bra correctly can effectively prevent implant movement, reduce swelling and promote wound recovery.
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