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Breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia, also known as mammary gland disease, fibrocystic breast disease, or fibrocystic changes in the breast, is a benign disease that originates from abnormal breast development and degeneration. This disease is mainly related to endocrine dysfunction, including imbalanced estrogen and progesterone ratios, abnormal quality and quantity of breast sex hormone receptors, elevated prolactin levels, which may be influenced by factors such as age, menstrual history, pregnancy history, and lactation history. It is more common in women aged 30-50, and 70% to 80% of women will have varying degrees of breast hyperplasia.
The main symptoms of breast hyperplasia include breast pain, nodules or lumps, and some patients may experience nipple discharge. Patients may also experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and menstrual disorders. When patients experience these symptoms, they should seek medical attention promptly.
The treatment of breast hyperplasia mainly depends on the severity of symptoms, clinical manifestations, and pathological types. Patients with mild to moderate pain mainly receive psychological counseling and lifestyle adjustment. Those with persistent and severe pain can receive medication treatment, but patients should be careful not to use it for a long time to prevent adverse effects on the endometrium and ovaries. For patients with breast hyperplasia lesions, surgical treatment is not the fundamental solution to the problem. Some medications or traditional Chinese medicine treatments can also assist in relieving symptoms.
The prognosis of breast hyperplasia is usually good, and most patients have no risk of transforming into breast cancer. Atypical ductal hyperplasia and peripheral intraductal papilloma (intraductal papillomatosis) are regarded as precancerous lesions of breast cancer. Therefore, when patients are accompanied by atypical hyperplasia, it should become the focus of clinical prevention of early cancer. This disease generally does not have a significant impact on health, but some patients with severe symptoms may be affected by their quality of life.
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