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Zhejiang Jiachuang Medical Technology Co., Ltd., with the concept of caring, perfect healing and scientific and technological innovation, jointly develops the production of medical devices (breast pressure bandages, pressure bandages and head bandages) with the design and production personnel who have many years of experience in wearable equipment manufacturing and R & D. "Sur TRAU ®" series of products absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, integrate, innovate, develop and form several types of auxiliary treatment bandages, which were approved by "State Food and Drug Administration" on March 22, 2019 as the first type of medical device products; bandage fabric processing method, knitting process, raw material configuration, fabric style, etc., are specially used in medical bandage products The advantages of this kind of knitted fabric used in medical bandages are: the tension is suitable for human function, the pain is reduced, and the healing period is short after operation.

Our service tenet: "care for postoperative health, reduce postoperative pain, perfect healing!"



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